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February 24, 2014

#welovecapetown: One month to go to WWF’s Most Lovable Sustainable Cities announcement

We’re just one month away from the WWF’s We Love Cities, a competition to select the Most Lovable Sustainable City, announcement on Thursday 27 March,2014!

Cape Town is now in 8th place to be WWF's We Love Cities Most Lovable Sustainable City. Vote for our Mother City to win! Image courtesy of Aquila

It’s been an exhilarating four weeks since the We Love Cities challenge was launched on Friday 17 January, 2014 with the #welovecapetown hashtag.

Competition is fierce, and while we are doing really well at 8th place, we’re up against international heavyweights Bogor, Indonesia and Medellin, Brazil  to name a few as well as our sister South African city, Durban, which is currently at number 2.

#welovecapetown as much as you do and we’d love to see our hometown succeed, so let us remind you of a few important reasons to vote for our caring Mother City:

1) Cape Town is a champion:  Table Mountain as a New 7 Wonder of Nature? Done! World Design Capital 2014? We’ve nailed it! Our hometown is a natural born winner, folks, so vote. (Cue Queen’s We Are The Champions soundtrack)

2) We talk the talk and walk the walk: Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.  Whether our residents are giving Ol’ MacDonald a run for farming with the likes of community gardens in Gugulethu, connecting our amazing suburbs through the MyCiTi bus transport system or rocking responsible tourism with our eco-friendly hotels including the Vineyard Hotel  and the Hotel Verde( which are keen recycling and wind turbine advocates), we’re all talk AND action.

3) We love the green social life: From the monthly Moonlight Mass cycling event to the Muizenberg Meander beach clean-ups, our eco-conscious citizens know how to have a good time and help to effectively use our resources.

So, now you know why you have to vote, let’s recap on how to vote:

- Surf the web and show your love for your hometown by voting for Cape Town on our WWF We Loves Cities page.

- Channel your inner shutterbug and videographer by snapping shots and videos of amazing sustainability projects around the city and submit your entries via Instagram.  Need inspiration? Why not film your visit to Oranjezicht City Farm or post a pic of your buddy using the Cycle lane to get to work.

- Get innovative with your ideas to improve Cape Town’s sustainability by submitting your brilliant suggestions on our WWF page. Keen to get your entire neighbourhood to use solar-powered geysers? Post your suggestion!

- Get social: Remember, we are being judged by the number of interactions we generate so be sure to use the hashtag #welovecapetown in all of your Instagram, Twitter and suggestions submissions.

The winning city will be announced on Thursday 27 March, 2014, as a precursor to Earth Hour (when cities switch off their lights for one hour globally) on Saturday 29 March, 2014.

For more information about the We Love Cities challenge, visit www.welovecities.org, join their Facebook fanpage or follow the conversation on Twitter.

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