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October 14, 2011

Visit Cape Town: Get more than you expect

Beto Ueqed from Argentina came to Cape Town to see animals, but is just as enchanted by the people he has met

Cape Town is a city that offers more than you'd expect. Regardless of what you're most excited about before you arrive, you are most likely going to discover something even more impressive when you get here. Cape Town Tourism spoke to various international visitors to find out what it was they were expecting before they arrived and what they have experienced while here.

Beto Ueqed from Argentina, who is in Cape Town on holiday, said he came mainly to see wild animals, based on safari programmes he had watched on television. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Cape Point, which boasts a variety of wildlife. Describing the highlights of his visit so far, he says he has been impressed with how clean and safe the city is, as well as how welcoming the locals have been.

"The people have been very helpful and have given me directions when I have gotten lost," he says.

Mette (left) and Luuk from the Netherlands came to Cape Town to work and found a place to play

Luuk and Mette, Dutch friends in Cape Town for six months on an internship programme, have been surprised at how safe the city is, given the negative media coverage South Africa often gets abroad. "We are safe and we enjoy living here," says Luuk. "It's very different from what we see on TV. We have only had good experiences. I love the vibe and the people. The city is our favourite. It is like any major city and has its problems but it’s a good city in which to live and party."

Luuk says The Assembley is his favourite entertainment venue and believes most people will enjoy Table Mountain and Robben Island. Mette loves the St George's
Mall market.

Luuk is based at CapeTownMagazine.com for his internship, while Mette is working at the Africa Centre. Cape Town is a great place in which to study and work, with a selection of top universities and graduate programmes.

John McCarthy (left) from Ireland knew the food would be good, but didn\'t expect service with such a smile

John McCarthy from Ireland, who is in Cape Town on holiday with his companion, says he knew about Cape Town's reputation for excellent food, but admits that the city's cleanliness and friendliness have far exceeded his expectations.

Most people who visit Cape Town believe it is one of the cleanest cities they have seen, with very efficient refuse removal systems in place.

John says he enjoyed visiting Table Mountain, Robben Island and Cape Point, as well as a trip along the Garden Route from Cape Town to Knysna.

Enjoying a pleasant spring day in Company's Garden, John tells Cape Town Tourism that his experience of the city has been extremely positive, given the beautiful scenery and the friendliness of the people.

Ingrid Meyer from Germany (left) came for a quiet break, but discovered abundant energy instead

Some people come to Cape Town expecting a quiet getaway, only to discover an energetic social scene that they didn't anticipate. Ingrid Meyer from Germany, who is in Cape Town on holiday with her friend, says the Mother City is much bigger than she expected and that she really enjoys the surrounding areas.

"I loved Observatory; it's younger with lots of students," she says, adding that she also thinks Muizenberg is great.

While Cape Town does indeed offer a super supply of serenity, given the proximity between nature and the urban environment, there is also an incredibly upbeat side to the city. Whether you enjoy stand-up comedy, live music, buzzing restaurants or live sport, you will find something you like in Cape Town.

More importantly, you will find something you didn't expect.

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