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January 05, 2009

A stunning surprise right there above you


View from the top of Table Mountain.

I thought going up the cable car to the top of Table Mountain was something that only foreigners did.

I thought that those of us who had had the good fortune to be born and bred in this beautiful country didn’t need to spend R145 to go up a mountain and come back down. I mean, if I wanted to see Hout Bay, for example, surely there are any number of handy pubs in the area where R145 could be put to far greater use.

Or so I thought. I was very wrong. After being cajoled into the cable car and then out of the cable car and onto the mountain, I was blown away.

The cable car ride is pretty exhilarating if you feel a bit wobbly on heights, and since they have put the new cars in you get a 360-degree view as the car slowly rotates.

Not ideal for those with vertigo, but a cool little trick.


Cable Car heads up Table Mountain.

The view from the top is indescribable. You can see great photos taken from the top, but they pale in comparison to the real thing. The whole of Cape Town is laid out before you in stunning detail, while the local dassies or rock hyraxes (described as a “small, plump and tail-less guinea-pig-like animal, about as large as a big rabbit” on Krugerpark.co.za) appear to share in your appreciation of the view.

To check beforehand whether the car is running, go to the cable car website, which also has a list of prices.


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