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August 31, 2012

Video: Sample Cape Town’s best

Photo courtesy ironmanixs

One of the most popular cities in Africa and the world, Cape Town is a joy to visit, live and play in. Known for its crisp, white, sandy beaches, active nightlife, gourmet food and drink and breathtaking scenery, the city is not only the playground of the locals but also international tourists.

So popular has the city become of late that celebrities are making repeat visits, more blockbusters are being filmed here, international bands are flocking to our shores, English Premier League football teams are showing locals their prowess and a US-targeted television series has even been created right in the heart of our gorgeous beaches. It's not called the Mother City for nothing.

There are loads to do and see to fill your time while on holiday or even if you're just whiling away the weekend. Whether you have a taste for outdoor adventure, walks in nature, sampling gourmet meals and award-winning wine, getting out into the informal settlements or simply enjoying a cocktail at one of our popular bars, you will always have the pleasure of the city's friendly and knowledgeable locals as company.

So, it should come as no surprise that this year Cape Town was voted the top city in Africa and the Middle East – just another feather in our overflowing cap of awards and accolades

Below is a video taken by a visitor to the Mother City, which offers a taste of some of the best Cape Town has to offer. With summer coming up the city is bound to sizzle, so why not take some time to visit the Mother City?

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