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June 23, 2010

Two Oceans Aquarium in the swim of things during 2010 FIFA World Cup™

aquarium penguin

Saying hello to a feathered friend. Photo courtesy Ingrid Sinclair

It could be the serenity of the darkened passageways, the dreamy swishes of fins and the bubbles floating to the top. It might be the goldfish-like looks that greet you when you lean in closer to the exhibit windows. Or maybe it’s the Take 4 promotion – where two adults and two children pay just R200 for an all-day pass. Whatever it is that draws so many visitors, they all know that the Two Oceans Aquarium is a marvellous place to be.

This weekend, visitors to the Aquarium were particularly mesmerised by the giant sardine bait ball that was released into the I&J Predator Exhibit. Staff members described it as an “underwater ballet”, and sightseers from around the world were riveted by the performance.

These sardines are popular snacks for the exhibit’s predatory inhabitants, including yellowtail, dusky kob and leervis, and the ball diminished rapidly over the weekend. This video shows the release of the bait ball; we highly recommend that you watch it, it’s spellbinding.

On Friday, 18 June, the V&A Waterfront, which is where the Aquarium is located, was a hive of activity ahead of England and Algeria’s clash at Cape Town Stadium that evening. And by “hive”, we really mean buzzing!

Some football supporters relished the opportunity to take a break from the chanting and headed to the Aquarium’s Shoreline Café to have a meal and watch some of the FIFA World Cup™ coverage on TV after watching a penguin feed and the sardines’ dancing. 

terminator the seal aquarium opentop bus

Terminator the Seal sightseeing with a young fan. Photo courtesy Two Oceans Aquarium

Locals came through too, particularly moms and children. Kids have plenty to do at the Aquarium – when they’re not staring in amazement at the displays, they’re participating in activities at the AfriSam Children’s Centre. They also seem to love feeding time, which takes place every day at a selection of the Aquarium’s exhibits.

The rest of Cape Town has been treated to visits from Terminator the Seal and Silver the Shark, the Aquarium’s mascots, who are becoming very famous very quickly! They met football supporters around the V&A Waterfront, visited Company Gardens and Table Mountain, and took a trip on the red City Sightseeing open-top bus. Did you spot them?

Look out for these two around Cape Town in the coming weeks – they’re doing loads of sightseeing. And do say hello, they are very friendly.




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