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January 11, 2013

The Two Oceans Aquarium in pictures

The aptly named Two Oceans Aquarium displays the unique and diverse marine life that can be found in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, which both crash against South African shores.

The aquarium is one of the finest in the world and houses over 3 000 living creatures, including penguins, turtles, sharks, and marine and freshwater fish.

Take a walk through the aquarium and find yourself face-to-face with translucent jellyfish, ragged-tooth sharks and giant spider crabs, among many other denizens of the deep – such as those in the gallery of images below.

We found Nemo. And Nemo. And Nemo. Photo courtesy coda

A diver gets up close with a turtle. Photo courtesy Marti McFly

Rockhopper penguins are one of two penguin species that can be seen at the aquarium. Photo courtesy Blyzz

The ocean's water may be blue, but there is lots of colour below the surface. Photo courtesy Xevi V

The ragged-tooth shark has quite a smile. Photo courtesy Xevi V

A giant spider crab shows off its size. Photo courtesy George M. Groutas

Get your fingers fishy at the touch pool. Photo courtesy flowcomm

It's like being under the sea without getting wet. Photo courtesy flowcomm

For more info or to book a visit call Cape Town Tourism on +27 (0)21 487 6800 / +27 (0)86 132 2223 or email info@capetown.travel

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