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January 06, 2014

“Tweede Nuwe Jaar” - It’s a Cape Town thing

The Cape Minstrel Carnival is a tradition that dates back to more than a hundred years ago, otherwise also known as “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” (2 New Year). Though this year, the carnival was moved to January 4, the celebrations were still as big and bright as ever.

Tweede Nuwe Jaar is unique to Cape Town and is arguably the second biggest carnival in the world; second only to the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Media and on-lookers from all around the globe made their way to Adderley and Wale Street in the CBD to witness Cape Town’s biggest walking music festival of the year.  If your experience of the minstrels dates back to ten years ago then do yourself, and your city, a favour and make the next minstrel carnival one that you attend. There’s a lot that has changed since then, but that’s a whole new blog post altogether. Ultimately, the change is a positive one and the carnival has evolved. In December last year, the City of Cape Town as well as various minstrel associations signed an agreement to ensure that the annual festivities is a success, which was truly evident in the spectacular display on Saturday.

For now, just enjoy the beautiful colours with this visual story of #tweedenuwejaar. I got the best view for photos, from the balcony of Embassy Travel backpackers on Wale Street.

When I arrived in the CBD at 2pm, this was the first team I saw. (I took this shot with my GoPro, not the iPhone)

I overheard a Greek man at the backpackers' say, "The ghoema drums, trumpets and melodies is a beat that travels through your body and you can't help dancing to the rhythm."

I went downstairs to buy myself some chicken samoosas and Energade when I heard the sound of Miley Cyrus' - Wrecking Ball from the streets.

This team was led by the most incredible display of a marching band parade; a true reflection that this carnival takes months of preparation and is well-organised.

All the bright colours, creativity, choreography of the parade and the music is a fitting welcome for World Design Capital 2014.

Visit Cape Town Tourism on Instagram to see more photos and videos from this day. And don't forget to share your own images with us by tagging it with #lovecapetown.

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