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December 21, 2010

Trinity in Green Point brings clubbing revival to Cape Town


After three years in the making, Trinity in Green Point has opened its doors to the public. Now that these Bennett Street doors open, they certainly won’t be closing – not until 04h00 every night of the week, that is.

I attended the launch party last week and can’t remember when I last saw so many partygoers out on Wednesday night. Every nook and cranny of the club was teeming with beautiful people.

Pleasantly, the venue never felt crowded or stuffy. Gone are the days of dark, smokey clubs and snooty door ladies. At Trinity you can look forward to light, airy spaces, great acoustics and friendly service.

The club caters for those aged 23 and above, and is made up of three levels interlinked by a spiral staircase. Keeping it chic, but not sterile, the venue is remarkable in its magnitude, and has an open industrial feel and impressive architecture, making creative use of space.

The cover charge is R100 a head.

The club is sure to have a successful future, fulfilling the wishes of many a local I have heard recalling the heyday of the Cape Town clubbing scene. Perhaps Trinity marks the beginning of a clubbing revival, ensuring that the Mother City can boast a nightlife to rival the best in the world. This in addition to our beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring mountain.

For more information about Trinity, phone +27 (0)21 421 1367 or visit www.trinitycapetown.co.za.

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