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May 24, 2012

Cape Town on TripAdvisor: Travel advice from those in the know

Cape Town is a beautiful city, where you can get your fill of welcoming locals, gourmet food, award-winning wines, mind-blowing scenery, and so much more.

But don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews on TripAdvisor. The world’s largest travel site, which offers honest advice from bona fide travellers, has helped many a nervous traveller take the plunge, and journey to places unknown.

Cape Town is one of many places reviewed on the website and, thanks to thousands of reviews, travellers have been curious enough to see for themselves just what Cape Town has on offer. So, if you’re thinking of coming to Cape Town but need that extra little prod in our direction, consider yourself well and truly nudged.

Below is a sample of traveller reviews, covering a variety of Cape Town’s attractions.

Boulders beach, Simon's Town. Photo courtesy orkomedix.

Cape Town’s beaches rival the best in the world, and Boulders beach, in particular, affords the opportunity to relax among the local waddling community of penguins.

Kat0425, from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States had this to say of Boulders beach on May 10, 2012:

“One of my best memories of my trip to Cape Town. I love this beach! The penguins are adorable and will get pretty close to you as they are used to humans. If you are driving to Cape Point, I would [recommend a] stop here on the way.”

Table Mountain after a storm. Photo courtesy Proteus250245.

Of course, a trip to Cape Town would not be complete without a journey to the top of Table Mountain to take in the scenery.

Shirls2606 from Bristol, United Kingdom, shared their experience of the mountain on May 17, 2012.

“Breathtaking views! The views of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain were truly breathtaking. We went up the mountain via cable car, which had a revolving door, allowing us to get a 360-degree view as we went up the mountain. Absolutely amazing stuff!

Groot Contstantia wine farm. Photo courtesy Kleinz1.

The city is well known for its award-winning wines and stunning wine estates, and visiting some of the estates can allow you to take a step back in time.

BrianRamsgate, of Ramsgate, said on April 23, 2012, of his experience on one of Cape Town’s wine estates, Groot Constantia.

“One of the most beautiful wine estates of the world. Driving through the gabled gates, you see a road lined by ancient oak trees and in the far distance, an old Cape Dutch homestead… time drops away and beauty takes over. What better place to spend with friends and/or family, whether it is at the restaurant, tearoom or on the lawns for a picnic?"

Looking for a delicious, value-for-money breakfast? Cape Town has hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, and little eateries where one can tuck into tasty meals, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is easy to make it a good one in Cape Town.

ShootingParrots, from Manchester, United Kingdom, found a little breakfast gem, Mango Ginger, on the outskirts of the city, and said on February 4, 2011:

“Salty and sweet. Our first meal in Cape Town, and one to remember. I had French toast, croissant with bacon and honey, which was fabulous, while my partner had what she deemed the best sandwich she had ever tasted! We sat outside and the area definitely had a student area feel about it – very relaxed and slightly bohemian. The staff couldn’t do enough and it was certainly excellent value.”

South Africans love red meat, but Capetonians also have a special relationship with fish, which is why the city is a popular fish-dish destination.

AFWPoole, from Poole, had this to say on May 16, 2012, about Miller’s Thumb, a restaurant famous for its fish dishes.

“Fantastic fish. Ate here on our last night in Cape Town – great way to finish our trip. A great atmosphere and very busy but the service was great – friendly but efficient. We shared calamari to start, and it was perfectly cooked – really tender. We then both had grilled fish, one yellowtail and one kingklip and both were excellent – the best fish anywhere, and good wine to go with it. Nice, relaxed atmosphere – very unstuffy.”

If you are looking for a few things to do, in between your memorable meals, the city also offers cultural escapes that include the South African Jewish Museum.

JSBerman, from Chicago, Illinois, United States, had this to say on May 20, 2012, of the museum:

“Amazing museum. I thought the South African Jewish Museum and Holocaust Centre were outstanding. Don’t miss these wonderful museums whether you are Jewish or not. Both are filled with lots of history, art, and interesting exhibits. A museum not to be missed!

Greenmarket Square. Photo courtesy Urban Adventures.

Strolling through Greenmarket Square in the city centre is a great way to end a day of activity before starting over the next day. The market is a great place to interact with different African cultures and buy a few mementos.

Jim_c, from Canberra, Australia had this to say on March 25, 2012, about his Greenmarket Square experience:

“Enjoy the ambience. Our family loved strolling down Long Street and around Greenmarket Square, the sights, sounds and smells all add to the ambience of the place. I mean sure it’s touristy, but so what, it’s Cape Town, and the curios and stalls are pretty good. My teenage sons and wife loved haggling and purchasing trinkets to take home and give to their friends. We enjoyed sitting at the cafes around the square…watching tourists and Capetonians going about business around us. It was a lively and colourful place to be."

Alexander  Bar & Cafe in Strand Street. Photo © Alexander Bar & Cafe.

A walk along the city streets will open a world of bars and restaurants to complete your nightlife experience in Cape Town. Alexander Bar and Café on Strand Street is a feast for the eyes and taste buds, serving up a wide selection of delicious cocktails, drinks and meals in the surroundings of grand décor.

Meganshead from Cape Town said of Alexander Bar and Café, on December 20, 2011:

“Delightful. In the heart of the city, Alexander Bar is a quirky haven. It’s strangely retro in the best way, with telephones at all the tables and a massive bar that serves delicious drinks. I love the music, the revolving love seat, the typewriter (that you can leave notes on) and the balcony for smokers."

The city also has an excess of good-value hotels, guesthouses, backpacker hostels and holiday apartments in which to rest your weary body.

SandraF, from Baunatal, Hessen, Germany spent time in Brenwin Guest House this year and had this to say on April 28, 2012:

"My family and I have been there on a number of occasions. For us, the guesthoue is situated very nicely, for example, close to the Waterfront and also other beautiful spots in the city. The rooms are well equipped and comfortable. The breakfast has a lovely choice of continental and full, hearty breakfasts. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. We would recommend this guesthouse to anyone staying in CT.”

Kevin H, from Melbourne, Australia also recently spent time in Cape Town and had this to say of Mandela Rhodes Place, on May 2, 2012.

“Good value hotel. Close to downtown Cape Town (probably one of the best cities I have ever visited). Very safe surroundings and a great little restaurant on the ground floor.”

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