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August 21, 2013

Tourist in My Own City: The V&A Waterfront Dine-About

Editor's Note: This blog was first published on our content partner Nightjar Travel on Thursday 20 June, 2013.

Join me on a dine around as I explore the V&A Waterfont in Cape Town.

Living in Cape Town, I've always used the V&A Waterfront as a quick  shopping stop - a meal, groceries, new shirts, etc. Thus when I was recently invited to a dine-about at three of the Waterfront's top restaurants, I leapt at the opportunity to try something a little different, and a lot more fun.

We started with meze at the Greek Fisherman, moved on to game at City Grill and then had Italian desserts at Meloncino. Granted, this did spread our meal over the better part of two hours, but the extraordinary variety and change in ambiance led to no end of talking points, and it turned into a fascinating way to pass the afternoon, as well as a great reflection on the cosmopolitan nature of the city. It also didn’t hurt to get the stunning Waterfront views from several angles!

The food was top notch – this is the Waterfront after all – but the variety really stood out for me. Passing plates of meze around at the Greek Fisherman made for a great ice breaker, as did learning I’ve been making Greek Salad all wrong my whole life!

Mmm ... frozen Nutella mousse at Meloncino at the V&A Waterfront

At City Grill, the tenderness and juicy quality of warthog meat blew me away, and at Meloncino I developed a theory that Italian desserts are the entire reason for the romantic association with that nation – you can melt my heart with frozen Nutella mousse any day.

If you want a reason to stay even longer, you can cruise around the seaboard on a variety of vessels, fly over it in a helicopter, or go under it at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Little ones will love the Jolly Roger pirate ship or the scratch patch, and all three of the restaurants we ate at cater for kiddies. Of course, there are shops to suit every interest. I had always wondered why the parking lots have that R10 for 4 hours deal, but now I think it’s time I spent a bit more time at the  V&A Waterfront.

I actually spent a whole week wrapping my head around seeing my own city as a tourist – you can see a few of my other experiences here.


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