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December 29, 2011

Top ten Flickr pics of 2011 – A Cape Town Tourism photo essay

Cape Town's beauty is endless, from rolling hills and valleys to the both calming and sometimes tumultuous oceans, from urban landscapes to our very own wonder of nature, Table Mountain, which dominates the city. Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group members captured it all, whether day or night, and shared their images with us through out the year. We feature the most viewed photographs of 2011 with comment from each photographer. 

Says assassin00708, “This photograph was taken on Signal Hill looking over the CBD with the sun setting behind Lion’s Head, with the fog rolling in from the east. It was taken 30 minutes before the sun disappeared. My first real attempt at HDR, 3 exposure, tone mapped.”

Daniel Lurie says, “I have many personal favourite images of Cape Town, but this one of the city at night has a particular majestic quality. I love taking photos in Cape Town; it is such a photogenic place with such raw beauty and so many diverse scenes of people and places, not to mention the sunsets!"

Lee Casalena aka rival412 says, “This panorama was shot for fun with some of my friends after hiking up Lion’s Head in Cape Town. It was during the full moon and the path was so well lit up we didn’t even need to turn on the flashlights we’d brought. To make this panorama I set up my tripod and simply took photos in every direction. Cape Town is full of great places to take panoramas as there is beauty all around.”

Adriaan Fenwick says, “We went to Blaauwberg Beach to cool off when the heat was too unbearable. I haven’t seen this beach so full of people in a very long time. The greatest thing about living in Cape Town in sunny South Africa is that this was between 18h00 and 19h00 in the evening!”

justin vz says, “I went for a late afternoon walk with some friends, turned back to see the view and had to snap a photo.”

anni.b says, “This particular image was taken from Old Boyes Drive when we had the full moon rising, and it is already an advanced stage. I was actually more interested in the reflection of the Zandvlei Estuary, as it’s quite seldom that this particular spot enjoys wind-stillness. In the background, on the horizon, the lights from Gordon’s Bay are visible. Even the ocean was awesomely calm…”

Says Dan Rutland Manners, “Taken on an early morning visit to St James Beach in Cape Town with Ady Jennings. I’ve always wanted to photograph these huts as they’re a source of childhood nostalgia to me and probably anyone else who has grown up in Cape Town.

I was really lucky on this day. This particular morning was the spring low tide and as a result no waves were crashing into the tidal pool (foreground) creating ripples, so it was an opportunity to get a reflected shot. The water was also low enough for me to lay down in some green muck to get really flat with the water.

Says Steve Roetz, “It was just one of those perfect afternoons. My wife Cathy and I were relaxing on Blaauwberg Beach, and she was picking through the many interesting little sea shells washed up on the sand. The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, and with such a dramatic sky, I just had to capture the moment!

"We often spend our afternoons here and stay until the sun has set. For the two of us, it’s moments like these that enrich our souls and make walking the path of life together a truly colourful one. We just love living in the Western Cape!”

Martial Mike (very busy) explains the story behind the image, “My wife and I were in Cape Town recently for the Neil Diamond concert. A few days later, we had to go to the Civic Centre to renew my car licence. 

I happened to gaze over to the Mountain and marvelled at the stunning sight.

“As we came out of the building on concluding our business, I asked one of the security ladies at the door if it would be alright to take a photo of the Mountain. She told me it was not allowed, so I put my camera back in its case and we walked towards our car. We then heard another lady shout to us to come back and that it would not be a problem to take photos.

“I decided on two shots in the hope of ‘stitching’ them together when I returned to our home in Botswana.

“The stitching worked beautifully and I posted it on Flickr.”

Carey May says, “This photo was taken at Cape Point, looking back towards the land. It was my first time venturing that far down the coast and I was absolutely amazed at how breathtaking the scenery was, from the sheer cliffs and abundance of history to the beautiful shrubbery, wildlife and rolling hills. I would definitely recommend taking a drive down there!”

Do you have images of Cape Town you’d like to share with us? We’d love you to join the Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group!

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