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September 29, 2011

Top Five Street Art Spots in Cape Town

Cape Town Street Art

Street art. Image © Cape Town Tourism

Tagging, spray painting, drawings… you name it, we’ve seen it all on walls and buildings in Cape Town.

Whether you see it as a public nuisance or an expression of art, there is no denying that the street art by more than 200 local artists is getting us talking and thinking.

View the city’s top five street art spots here:

For Artistic Expression:

Originally a means of expressing their anger at being forcibly removed from their areas during apartheid, residents of the Cape Flats have turned their political graffiti into thought-provoking street art murals.

Muse over the caricatures on the walls of local parks, and on trains, buildings and more, from Philippi to Mitchell’s Plain and other districts, to experience the ironic art for yourself.

Exploring History Through Art:

Faith 47, Mak1one and others have portrayed significant figures and cultural icons through their extraordinary murals.

Take a look at the township mother carrying her baby on her back, or the portrait of struggle heroes such as Nelson Mandela, and other moving images, in District Six.

For Art with a Heart:

The I Art SA community mural project is focused on restoring Woodstock’s phenomenal street art. This project is pioneered by adidas originals and /A Word of Art to promote creativity and passion in the local community.

Meander along the vibrant, gritty streets of this constantly evolving neighbourhood to see masterpieces by renowned graffiti artists and young volunteers of the I Art SA community mural project.

For Supplies and Inspiration:

If you’re a budding street artist, you’ll be sure to find all of your graffiti supplies, cool gear and some inspiration at the Shelflife store in the CBD.

Home to a popular stock of premier footwear and the only store in South Africa to carry a full range of spray paints, this is the must-stop spot for creatives in the city.

Location: 119 Loop Street, Cape Town
Contact: +27 (0)21 422 3931
Website: www.shelflife.co.za

For A Visual Education:

Not quite ready to unleash your inner art aficionado on the urban canvas just yet? Why not enrol for a few art classes and workshops at the Greatmore Studios in Woodstock.

Location: 47-49 Greatmore Street,Woodstock
Contact: + 27 (0)21 447 9699
Website: www.greatmoreart.org

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