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November 26, 2009

Top bloggers burn up the track with Cape Town Tourism

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Cape Town Tourism treated some of Cape Town’s top bloggers to a day of Fantastic Racing at the Killarney Race Track last Friday.

Upon arrival at the track, we were greeted with some light refreshments and directed to our personalised lockers which held our race gear.

After suiting up, we sat through a compulsory, but rather entertaining safety briefing. We were given tips on how to take corners like the pros, how to stay out of trouble and that “what the marshall says goes”.

Just climbing into the hot little single-seater Reynard gave one a bit of a rush. These F1-style cars can hit speeds up to 240kmph and have a little less power than a Porsche 911 Turbo. We all lined up in single file behind the instructor who took us around the track to get a feel for it. Two laps later we were all gear shifting and taking corners like the pros.

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After a quick lunch and a bit of networking with the bloggers we all headed off for a second heat – way faster and more exciting than the first. By this time everyone had gained in confidence and the need for speed was evident.

Everyone had a great time and we would recommend it to anyone. Visit the Fantastic Racing Website for more information.

Articles by some of the bloggers who attended can be found here:

Seth Rotherham – 2oceansvibe
Paul Gilowey – Cape Town Daily Photo and here
Mike Metelerkamp – Cape Town Tourism

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