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October 29, 2010

Thriller nights in Cape Town

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Photo courtesy Brian Hathcock

“Darkness falls across the land,
The midnight hour is close at hand.
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorise y’alls neighbourhood”

The late King of Pop’s legendary hit single is a terrifyingly appropriate anthem for what is sure to be a thriller of a night in the Mother City on Saturday, October 30.

Bringing in Halloween, the spookiest night of the year, grizzly ghouls, bloodsucking vampires, bewitching hags and troublesome devils will roam free at various themed events around the city.

Where will they find you when the clock strikes midnight?

Those in search of demonic laughs and crazy scenarios should check out the TheatreSports 17th Birthday Show at the University of Cape Town’s Little Theatre in Gardens at 20h00. At this special celebration of Cape Town’s longest running show and improvised theatre group, what you’ll get is anyone’s guess. Perhaps you’d like an interview with a vampire, set as a musical? Or a zombie wedding in China officiated by Star Trek’s Spock? With an unbelievably talented cast and a musician whose tunes are sure to raise the dead, anything is possible! Visit www.theatresports.co.za to find out more.

Club 91 in Claremont is offering a sexier take on this ghoulish holiday with its Angels & Demons Halloween Costume Party. Come dressed as your favourite zombie or movie serial killer and indulge at the five impressive bars, dripping in blood and alcohol. Two massive dance floors will entice you to do the Dance of the Dead late into the night. For more information, email offspring@vodamail.co.za.

If, like me, watching bloodthirsty mass murderers on screen is enough to make you want to run home and hide under the covers, yet still gives you a perverse sense of pleasure, then the Sixth South African HORRORFEST at the Labia Theatre on Orange Street is an absolutely must. Features that are guaranteed to leave you screaming at the top of your lungs include the classic Maniac and Kaalo, the first Bollywood creature feature ever! Book your tickets now at www.labia.co.za or +27(0)21 424 5927.

Human lives will be offered up to please an evil feathered serpent at Mercury Live in Zonnebloem, on a night featuring a Sonic Sacrifice by The Sleepers and Anaphys. The hip entertainment venue will be putting a clever spin on the ancient practice of human sacrifice with a specially built pyramid, surprise cover songs, drink specials and prizes for the best dressed patrons. Sneak a peek at www.mercuryl.co.za.

If you really want to get your blood pumping, head to the BMX Halloween Jam at the Gums Dirt Trail in Durbanville. Exhilarating races as well as loads of prizes up for grabs will make you want to get down and dirty this Halloween. For more information, visit www.oldschoolproductions.co.za.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, be sure to don your most fearsome costume and party the night away. Go on, be a devil!

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