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July 21, 2014

6 Inspirational Videos That Will Make You Want to Take an Adventure in Cape Town

Ever gotten in a rut, where life starts to feel so darn tedious and boring?

Perhaps you find yourself continually wishing you were somewhere in the future (or maybe the past)?

You need a little Cape Town in your life! But what exactly? Here's 6 videos that will help you spread the adventure sauce! 

Jump into a Waterfall: Suicide Gorge

Leap into a waterfall in the Boland Mountains, with jumps from 3 to 20 metres. A full day hike (17km, 8 hours) through the spectacular Hottentots Holland Nature reserve 1 hours away from Cape Town culminates in Suicide Gorge, the adrenalin soaked canyon scenery. 

Amp up the resolution on this one, it's worth it! 

Beauty of Cape Town in 60 Seconds

What's in a visit to Cape Town?

The view on from the highest point of Table Mountain, down Skeleton Gorge Forest into Kirstenbosch Gardens, out to sea on a rubber duck, diving with seals, the tip of Africa, the view from Chapman's peak, a secret cave, Franschoek winelands and Signal Hill, all in 60 seconds.

Kite Boarding with a GoPro

Redbull bring their signature adrenalin junkie style to Cape Town's sparkling ocean. Get ready for some sick flips! 

Chapman's Peak Drive: Where Mountains Meet the Sea

Drive up one of Cape Town's most iconic roads with this GoPro and see what everyone's raving about.

Skip to 2:45 for the real beauty.

Face to Face with Jaws

What is shark cage diving actually like? Is it just murky water and a fin? How thrilling is it actually?

Imagine being these guys.

Skip to 0:45 for the shark!

World Record: 18 Adventures in 1 day

These guys smashed the adventure world record in 1 day. 

Your how to guide: 

1. Quad biking
2. Sandboarding
3. 4X4 trails
4. Sky diving
5. Gyrocopter rides
6. Harley Davidson rides
7. Tobogganing
8. Abseiling
9. Paragliding
10. Underground tour
11. Mountain biking
12. Shooting
13. Power boating
14. Coasteering
15. Sea kayaking
16. Sidecar riding
17. Zip-lining
18. Horse riding

Has this ignited your adventurous spirit? Tweet us your comments @CapeTownTourism. You might also want to discover more about adventuring in Cape Town. Or maybe you're looking for 100 epic things to do?


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