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December 26, 2008

The Loeries make their nest in Cape Town


The Loeries ceremonies are full of glitz and glamour. Photo: Mallix

It’s arguably one of the biggest parties in South Africa and in 2009 it moves, after four years in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, to the Mother City.

The Loeries, the Oscars of the South African advertising industry, are noted for huge parties, great entertainment, more creative people in one space than during the recording of Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie’s We are the World, and a bar bill that makes America’s national debt look healthy.

It’s a complete blast and celebrates the finest creative talent that South Africa has to offer.

In 2009 the party happens over the last weekend of September, from Friday September 25 to Sunday September 27.


On top of the awards ceremonies for TV and cinema, radio, print, outdoor and ambient, online and mixed media campaigns, the weekend normally features a battle of the bands between competing varsities. Last year’s winners, MadLove, are expected to defend their title. There’ll be a host of private and public parties and fun, fun, fun.

In a lot of ways Margate represented the perfect venue for the Loeries, with pubs, clubs and plenty of accommodation within easy stumbling distance. On top of that, regular, colour-coded minibus taxis helped people get from their place of rest to the main events.

So Cape Town has a lot to live up to, but we’re ready for the challenge. The Loeries officials think so too.

“Many things have to be taken into account when choosing the host town, including event logistics such as accommodation, transport and the venue,” said Andrew Human, managing director of The Loerie Awards. “In the end, Cape Town’s pitch was selected by the committee as it provided the best solution to all our needs.

“It was very important for the committee to ensure that the event remains accessible and affordable and we will be working with our partners in Cape Town to meet this requirement. We know everyone is facing hard times and we will be doing what we can to keep costs down. And while some people have expressed reservations about holding the awards in a big city, we feel confident that we will keep the intimate atmosphere that the Loeries is renowned for, while offering all the glamour of Cape Town.”


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