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February 18, 2009

The Grand Daddy Hotel’s penthouse trailer park


Recently I had the privilege of staying in the world’s only penthouse trailer park.

Hidden from passers-by, there are seven vintage Airstream trailers on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel.

The Grand Daddy Hotel, on Long Street in Cape Town’s vibrant centre, is known for its glamorous and playful approach to décor. Each room has an individual, often quirky style. According to its website, the hotel has “infused all its rooms and communal spaces with magical, creative touches to ensure that guests are pleasantly surprised by the unexpected, the humorous and the interesting”.


The Airstream trailers were imported from the United States and lifted to the hotel roof by cranes. Each trailer has been individually renovated by local artists around various themes including “Afro-Funkd”, “The ballad of John & Yoko”, “Pleasantville” and “Goldilocks and the three bears”. They are also fully plumbed and air-conditioned.

I stayed over on a Wednesday night and it really felt like a little getaway.

Everywhere I turned there was something exciting, fun and completely different from your average hotel room. My favourite trailer has got to be “Dorothy”, with polka dots everywhere, including on the bottle opener, the telephone and even the dustbin.

It was a wonderful evening. The atmosphere is fantastic, with all the trailers facing onto an open area where everyone can enjoy a drink together and get to know new people.


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