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January 13, 2011

The Cape Argus cyclists-in-training hit the city

argus cyling

Yes, the time is almost upon us. Last year, 28 745 entrants finished Cape Town’s iconic cycle tour and this year’s 35 000 tickets are selling briskly. These athletes are intrepid: In 2009, unseasonal high winds added to the challenge and race was dubbed “the Tour of Storms”, although diehard cyclists got back on their bikes in 2010 and came back for more. Tickets for South Africans for 2011 have now sold out.

This year’s event, on Sunday, March 13, is shaping up to be fabulous as the Cape’s perfect summer weather obliges and cyclists burn rubber and glucose under a shining sun with gentle ocean breezes to cool things off. From late January, there is a marked increase in the numbers of cyclists out and about on the Cape Peninsula and further afield in the Cape Winelands and the Boland, as athletes take in the glorious surrounds but also train hard for the cycle tour.

Fitness experts warn that heavy last-minute training is not the way to go. Fortunately, a healthy outdoor lifestyle is a signature of Cape life, and locals love heading out for a spin. Stay alert on the roads and give cyclists ample space to ensure everyone – whether on four wheels or two – can enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Find out more about where to stay and other important tour details on our dedicated race page.

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