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August 20, 2012

Caviar group launches Molecular Gastronomy Wars

Some of Cape Town’s top bloggers, media personalities and special guests had the chance to play with their food for the Caviar Group's Molecular Gastronomy Wars launch in Gardens. Images courtesy Caviar group.

Caviar group held its first Molecular Gastronomy Wars at the Caviar Food Studio in Gardens, on August 2 and 8, 2012, challenging some of Cape Town’s top bloggers, media personalities and special guests to “play with food like they never have before”.

Celebrating the launch of the group’s own Molecular Gastronomy kit, guests were treated to an evening of innovative foodie fun as they were placed in teams and competed against each other in a "war of culinary creation" with entertaining results.

Presenting a modern style of cooking, molecular gastronomy combines food and science to take advantage of chemical and physical transformation. This process in turn allows for visually stunning and creative dishes.

The group’s chef, Justine Hurter, guided guests through a specially designed, three-course molecular gastronomy menu, including elements such as basil pesto spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and balsamic caviar pearls, ice cream-free strawberry milkshake and an Apricot and Coconut Crème dessert disguised as a fried egg. Pausing at each stage throughout the demonstration, guests were given the opportunity to recreate and "play" with the recipes in order to truly get a sense of this completely new way of thinking about cooking.

To end off the night, teams were awarded titles for their unique creations, such as "most creative", "best looking" and "best flavour", with one team receiving the special title of "most fantastically ridiculous" for their bacon-and-egg-inspired molecular dessert.

In addition to the Food Studio, Caviar group also heads up Beluga Restaurant, Sevruga Restaurant and the Caviar Deli in Cape Town.

For more information, visit www.caviar.co.za.

Below are a few of the photos taken during the event:

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