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March 25, 2010

Table Mountain welcomes its 20-millionth visitor

table mountain 20 millionth visitor

Cableway CEO, Sabine Lehmann, informs Federico Uribe Velasquez that he is the cableway’s 20-millionth visitor. Photos by Roy Barford

table mountain 20 millionth visitor

Celebrating his place in history

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway today welcomed its 20-millionth visitor, since it opened in 1929.

Colombian filmmaker, Federico Uribe Velasquez, got the surprise of his life when he purchased his ticket, as staff at the cableway burst into cheers. The Cape Town media, on standby, then swamped 41-year-old Velasquez, who basked in the glory, happily posing for photographs and giving interviews.

Tourists joined in the photography frenzy, most of them not knowing what the fuss was about. “I think he is a famous actor,” said one lady to her friend as she whipped out her camera.

Velasquez explained that he is in South Africa to film a documentary about the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. This was his first visit to Table Mountain.

“Where I am from has big mountains, so I like this here, this is very beautiful,” he said, staring at Table Mountain from the ticket office at the bottom.

Velasquez is in South Africa for two months, and said he was really enjoying the atmosphere in Cape Town. “People here are very similar to the people in Colombia, they are happy people.”

Sabine Lehmann, CEO of the cableway, said the cableway recorded its millionth visitor in 1959 and its 11-millionth visitor in 1997, when the new rotating cable car was introduced.

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