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May 18, 2011

Table Mountain panorama – Flickr pic of the day

Table Mountain

This panoramic shot of Table Mountain was taken by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group member Martial Mike (very busy).

Says Martial Mike (very busy), “My wife and I were in Cape Town recently for the Neil Diamond concert. A few days later, we had to go to the Civic Centre to renew my car licence.
I happened to gaze over to the Mountain and marvelled at the stunning sight.

“As we came out of the building on concluding our business, I asked one of the security ladies at the door if it would be alright to take a photo of the Mountain. She told me it was not allowed, so I put my camera back in its case and we walked towards our car. We then heard another lady shout to us to come back and that it would not be a problem to take photos.

“I decided on two shots in the hope of ‘stitching’ them together when I returned to our home in Botswana.

“The stitching worked beautifully and I posted it on Flickr.”

Do you have images of Cape Town you’d like to share with us? We’d love you to join the Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group!

Image © Martial Mike (very busy)

Vote for Table Mountain

Table Mountain has been shortlisted as one of the New7Wonders of Nature, but needs YOUR vote if it is to achieve this status. You can play your part by sending the word “Table” by SMS to 34874, or by casting your vote online. For more information, visit www.votefortablemountain.com

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