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August 14, 2009

Table Mountain Cableway introduces new ticket system


The Table Mountain Cableway, photo courtesy Potjie

The Table Mountain Cableway is introducing a new ticketing system, effective on Monday, 17 August. The new system will allow visitors to buy tickets online for an additional R10 administration fee.

Online tickets will be valid for seven days and, if not used within this period, a full refund can be claimed (excluding the administration fee). Alternatively, within the seven-day period, a ticketholder may extend the ticket’s validity for a further three weeks. This alternative choice, however, forgoes the option of a refund.

Benefits for tour operators include:

  • Tickets can be pre-printed from operators’ offices;
  • Guests have tickets ready, so they bypass the ticket office, saving time; and
  • Tour guides will continue to travel for free and won’t require tickets (provided a valid tour guide identity card and badge is shown at the turnstiles).

Tour operators and Cableway visitors are welcome to use the new ticketing system and purchase tickets at www.tablemountain.net.

Online tickets (valid until September 30, 2009):

Adult return:  R145 + R10 administration fee
Child return:  R76 + R10 administration fee

Online tickets (valid from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010):

Adult return:  R160 + R10 administration fee
Child return:  R80 + R10 administration fee

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