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June 12, 2012

Celebrities in Cape Town: What the stars have to say

You're bound to bump into your fair share of famous faces in Cape Town, with celebrities from far and wide expressing a soft spot for its charms.

With its trendy hangouts, breathtaking scenery, vibey atmosphere and warm people, it's no wonder Cape Town has impressed many a star visiting our shores.

While we're snapping pictures of international celebrities spotted enjoying Cape Town's gorgeous beaches or admiring the view from the top of Table Mountain, film directors are falling in love with the Mother City as a set location for some of Hollywood's latest offerings.

Actor, Ryan Reynolds was recently in Cape Town to film action-thriller, Safe House. When asked about being on location in the Mother City, Reynolds told the Mail & Guardian, “Going to a place like Cape Town certainly evolves you, because it’s a completely polarised experience from the typical movie location. [It] reminds me a little of the warmth I feel when I’m in Vancouver, my home town in Canada, but I was just gobsmacked by how beautiful Cape Town is and how beautiful the people are.”

Comedian, Eddie Izzard seemed enthralled by Cape Town's natural beauty when he tweeted photos of sunsets and scenery on his latest visit. Striking sunsets and snaps of Table Mountain were featured as he documented his Mother City experience.

Members of Swedish pop duo, Roxette, love Cape Town so much that they have returned several times to perform for their fans. Guitarist and vocalist, Per Gessle has raved about the Mother City on the Roxette blog, saying, “We love this place and feel extremely welcome here!

“I love South African wine, and I've previously brought my family out for a visit a few years ago. We took a tour to all the wine farms. While there, I met up with Ernie Els and Bjorn Bjorg and had a great time. I also love the food and the great sights of Cape Town.”

Other famous fans of the Mother City include Bono, John Cleese, Adrien Brody, Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey, James Blunt, Lionel Ritchie and Paris Hilton, as well as royal princes, William and Harry.

Keep your eyes peeled – you never know who you might catch a glimpse of strolling down Long Street or sharing your cable car!

Below are photos Eddie Izzard tweeted of Table Mountain and the sun setting over the Atlantic ocean.

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