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February 07, 2014

Spot the shipwreck!  Explore beaches on horseback with Sleepy Hollow Riding School

Sleepy Hollow Riding School is nestled in the heart of Noordhoek, close to the sprawling beach and right next to the wetlands – right near the majestic Chapman’s Peak. It was established in 1975 as a riding school, and is the oldest riding school in the Noordhoek valley.

Pic Courtesy of gorvin2012

Sleepy Hollow is a horse riding school, but offers Bush Trails and Beach rides on Noordhoek’s  8km beach, where you can take a gentle walk or trot along the beach (home of The Kakapo shipwreck!) on one of Sleepy’s 17 horses.

Upon arrival at Sleepy Hollow, you will receive riding shoes and a horse is allocated to you. The rides are perfect for riders of all levels, and even if you have never ridden a horse before (like me) you will still feel right at home on one of these gentle creatures.

The walk takes you through the front of the school and along the quaint roads of Noordhoek, before you enter the beginning of the dunes to Noordhoek beach. Once on the beach, the horses ride along the water’s edge, allowing the rider to take in the beauty of the ocean, sand and gorgeous backdrop of Chapman’s peak and the mountains. The ride takes you all the way to the edge of the beach, where you are just able to spot the shipwreck, before turning back and heading through the wetlands, riding through the bulrushes.

In addition to providing riding lessons and beach rides for the public, Sleepy Hollow also offer Hippotherapy -  the use of a horse to achieve a variety of therapeutic goals. The benefits of therapeutic horse riding are as numerous as the types of disabilities and conditions served, and you can find more information on this on their website.

A ride along Noordhoek beach is one of Noordhoek’s best kept secrets – and definitely a must-do for any visitors to the area, especially if you love horses!

For more information, visit http://sleepyhollowhorseriding.co.za/

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