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August 20, 2013

“South Africa”, NerdzSquared’s first music video, filmed in Cape Town

NerdzSquared, two multi-talented YouTubers have been taking the online world by storm with their latest release, South Africa and their first music video – filmed right here in Cape Town.

Local Youtubers Nerdzsquared have rleased their South Africa music video, filmed in Cape Town. Photo courtesy of Nerdzsquared

In this cinematic display of their love for their city and their country, NerdzSquared band members, Warren Bright and Justin O'Kelly, featuring guest artist and producer Devon Marshbank, show the world why they #LoveCapeTown with amazing shots of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Camps BayCape Town Stadium, City Sightseeing Bus Tours and more.

The boys have been producing YouTube videos for the past six months (they have more than 7000 subscribers and over 300 000 video views) and the idea for the “South Africa” music video was sparked by constant queries from curious YouTubers.

“There is this general idea that most visitors have, that South Africans live in the wild or bathe with lions. With this in mind, and the idea to appeal to ex South Africans and other South Africans abroad we wanted to make a video that was both humorous and patriotic. Our song "South Africa"  is very catchy and you will find yourself singing it over and over”, says Bright.

When asked why NerdzSquared chose the Mother City as the location for the music video, Bright says: “We #LoveCapeTown because of the easy access to do many things. Mountains, beaches, hikes and scenery ... we have it all waiting at our doorstep, and we are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.”

NerdzSquared joins the ranks of singers, like U.S pop singer Solange Knowles and others who have filmed music videos in Cape Town.

Check out the “South Africa” video below:

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