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August 05, 2011

Snow in Cape Town: Table Mountain’s crown

Snow Table Mountain Cape Town

Photo courtesy Table Mountain Cableway

This morning Cape Town residents awoke to the chills of winter but were greeted by an astonishing sight: Table Mountain wore a crown of snow. For those who were already braving the icy conditions in an attempt to get to the summit via the Table Mountain Cableway, it was the icing on the cake – so to speak.

It is during these few freezing months that our iconic mountain ironically looks warm, covered in a white blanket, but be assured that the temperature begs to differ. Twitter has been chirping away with tweets of disbelief, but many indicated that heading to the summit was now on the agenda. It was one of those seize-the-moment decisions that gives everyone the adrenaline rush that they so often crave but cannot get.

It seems like the next few days are going to be quite warm, so if the snow catches your eye at any point in the upcoming weeks, be spontaneous and get up there as soon as possible to be part of a rare Cape Town experience.

Visit Table Mountain Cableway’s blog for a great video and more pics of the snowfall.


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