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February 16, 2009

“Slaapstad” – a relaxed take on life


The Neighbourgoods Market, photo courtesy James Boardwell

Cape Town is often referred to as “Slaapstad”, especially by our countrymen to the north. This is probably because of our relaxed take on life and living in general. Why rush to the office when you can take your surfboard and enjoy some great waves at Muizenberg?

This approach to life is seen in a new trend that is developing in Cape Town – “slow food markets” rather than fast food outlets.

These markets, which are found throughout the Cape Town area, showcase a wide range of beautifully crafted and lovingly made food. In Cape Town we enjoy eating good food as much as we enjoy making it. At some markets you can even find chutney made by the descendants of the Balls family.
Some of the markets you can visit include:
• The Milnerton Flea Market, which is found along the R27 West Coast Road, has some excellent food stalls, stocking pancakes and ginger beer, among other delicacies.
• The Neighbourgoods Market is housed in an old sky-lit Victorian warehouse in Woodstock and has a range of eco-friendly and organic goodies on sale.


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