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January 07, 2013

Skrillex in Cape Town

Image courtesy Atlantic Records

Cape Town's reputation for hosting some of the best live international music acts is steadily growing, as the recent announcement of a South African tour by dubstep DJ Skrillex proves. He will be performing in Cape Town Friday, 1 March 2013, at The Ostrich Farm.

Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) has helped bring dubstep into the mainstream. While some characterise his music as the soundtrack to an alien invasion crossed with an army of angry robots, he has proven wildly popular in the past few years, with his latest album selling over a million copies. The genre is often characterised by the drop, when the emphasis of the track shifts to the bassline. Skrillex has become known for "dropping the bass", and his live DJ sets are already the stuff of legend.

Electronic music has been growing steadily over several years. From Donna Summer's I Feel Love to Skrillex's Bangarang, electronic instruments and samples have been a part of popular music for years. EDM, as electronic dance music is often referred to these days, has even seen recogniton from the establishment, as the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards have recently added a Dance/Electronic category to their award ceremonies (with Skrillex winning three of those Grammys last year). EDM festivals have also started sprouting up around the world, including here in Cape Town.

Tickets for Friday's concert are sold out, but visit the Electric South Africa Facebook page for updated event details.

Image courtesy cheezburger.com

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