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March 02, 2013

Skrillex in Cape Town: Photos and video

Skrillex thanks Cape Town. All photos courtesy @electricmusicsa

After seeing Skrillex live at the West Coast Show Ranch in Cape Town last night, I'm convinced that this 25-year-old is a musical pioneer worthy of all the acclaim and awards he has picked up so far, regardless of what the haters and the critics have to say. I'm also impressed at how well organised this event was, given its fairly remote location.

Skrillex has already won three Grammy Awards, and with this in mind, it was actually disappointing that only around 10 000 people arrived to witness him "drop the bass".  Everyone who attended had an excellent time though and didn't want his set to end.

Dubstep is not everyone's cup of tea, but that's because dubstep is a lot more like Red Bull than tea, and I certainly love the energy it provides. And Sonny Moore, who goes by the stage name Skrillex, has more energy than any other musician I've seen on a stage. He opened his show with a video featuring some iconic Cape Town scenery and this was well received.

Among the many hits he played were Bangarang, Cinema, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and Breakin a Sweat. He also dropped in a few dubstep classics such as Knife Party's Internet Friends and Bauer's Harlem Shake

Skrillex took the time to visit Langa township for a cultural workshop while he was in Cape Town, so kudos to him for taking the time to share some of his muscial knowledge and learn about African culture.

Skrillex said on Twitter: "Had 3 incredible days in Cape Town...will never forget this trip." I think a lot of people who saw his show won't forget it either.

Sonny Moore drops the beat

The crowd were thrilled at the opportunity to see a Grammy Award-winning artist

The West Coast Show Ranch has also hosted Swedish House Mafia and Paul van Dyk

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