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June 29, 2012

Signing of WDC 2014 marks World Industrial Design Day

The new logo for World Design Capital was unveiled at a signing ceremony held in Cape Town today.

Cape Town has marked World Industrial Design day by signing a host city agreement between the City of Cape Town and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), confirming Cape Town as the World Design Capital for 2014

At a ceremony held in Cape Town on Friday, June 29, Icsid President Soon-In Lee explained that WDC is not a template, but a model, a guide and a platform, allowing cities to adapt to their needs. He went on to say that WDC 2014 is about transforming and redesigning urban life by providing real solutions for real problems in Cape Town and the developing world. He concluded by stating that it was an exciting time for not only Cape Town, but Africa as well.

Mayor Patricia de Lille echoed his sentiments, "The central thesis of the City of Cape Town’s approach to WDC 2014. Excellence in design is using what you have to realise what you want. It is designing the change we want to see in our city, using the very building blocks of which our city is comprised. By using design, we could transform housing developments into desirable homes that hold value for the poor, as home ownership does for the middle-class. We could be smarter about how we use the space in our urban centres, creating vibrant, liveable spaces which can be extended as needed. We don’t build cities in the ideal mode and expect them to remain that way. Cities grow organically.

Icsid President Soon-In Lee and Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille unveil the new logo. Photo courtesy @futurecapetown

"Design is not about central planning. It is about networks that jointly make up an attitude, an approach and a direction. The task of transforming the city is one that requires the energies of as many partners as possible, within our borders and without. We sign WDC 2014 on behalf of those partners. And we sign on behalf of the people of Cape Town."

"It was a competitive bid decision to name Cape Town as WDC 2014," said judging panelist Dilki de Silva. She said that it was not about winners and losers but "...about choosing a city at the right time when [it] is able to show its accomplishments and work together".

The new WDC 2014 logo was also unveiled during the ceremony. Looking ahead to 2014, the Icsid will organise, in collaboration with Cape Town, a number of signature events, galas, conferences and a design week during World Design Capital 2014.

For information on World Industrial Day, visit www.icsid.org. For information on how to get involved with WDC 2014, visit www.capetown2014.co.za

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