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October 14, 2010

Sharks of Cape Town – A Cape Town Tourism photo essay

Cape Town offers some spectacular shark tours, whether you are interested in cage diving or simply taking photographs from a boat. Below are some photographs from a recent expedition.

great white shark

It was literally raining great whites on a recent expedition. I witnessed twelve natural predation attempts, although the seals outsmarted the sharks in all but two attempts. I was tracking the seals in the foreground when a great white breached while chasing another group, re-entering the water vertically. The predation attempt was not successful.

cape town shark

This photo was taken on a shark dive 30 kilometres off Cape Point.

great white shark

A Bryde’s whale carcass was found in False Bay, Cape Town by around 28 great whites over a two-day period. The sharks fed furiously to start, eventually moving around the whale lethargically, their bellies visibly distended.

great white shark

A great white launches itself at a seal decoy, also in False Bay.

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Images © Tim Brown 2010

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