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June 28, 2011

Sex and Slaves in the City Walking Tour

sex and slaves

Photo by Coleen van Staden

I don’t consider myself the fittest person on the planet so I was somewhat anxious about doing a two-hour walking tour of Cape Town’s city centre, but the Sex and Slaves in the City Walking Tour, under the auspices of Walk in Africa, was such a treat, that my legs cooperated fully and my colleagues and I enjoyed a unique presentation of our city’s history. Our two guides (or “gactors”), actors Samantha and Dean, took us on a tour that was full of surprises, colour, energy, fun and history. 

These two, with their thorough knowledge of the slave trade in the Cape, have put together a walking tour that consists of a series of vignettes superbly acted out and highly entertaining, without losing sight of the human tragedy of slavery or the impact it had on the city’s heritage.

We remained totally engaged throughout and felt thoroughly educated afterwards! To say more would be to give it all away. For more information, phone Walk in Africa on +27 (0)21 785 2264.

Below are some comments from my colleagues who enjoyed the tour with me:

“It was the most interesting and entertaining walking tour I’ve ever been on. I did not want to snooze even once!” – Adrian

“This was such an awesome experience; what a way to learn about our history.  It’s funny, funky and very inspirational – I am now going to dig for more information about the slaves and their daily lives.” – Chelene

“It was such an exciting way to discover some of my own history and the influence it had on our community and society.” – Fuad

“The tour was very well rehearsed and thought out. What a difference to do a tour with such talented and flamboyant characters!” – Hannah

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