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September 18, 2009

Service providers in Cape Town Live it. Love it. LOUDER!


Foundation Outsourced Hospitality Solutions has launched a service drive leading up to 2010, offering a three-day “I am a service ambassador” course.

The course has been hugely successful among staff in Cape Town’s hospitality industry, according to Shireen-Ann Khan, training facilitator at Foundation Outsourced Hospitality Solutions.

“Training is going well and the staff are thoroughly enjoying it. The motto of ‘Live it. Love it. LOUDER!’ is really catching on!” she says. “The staff shout it out during training – it’s wonderful!

“It is also amazing to see how many staff members actually do not know about Cape Town and its surrounds. They learn so much when we do the research and role-play activity on Cape Town.”

Above is a picture of staff who graduated yesterday – a real achievement!

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