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June 17, 2011

See a Locnville concert in Cape Town

locnville live

A screen shot from a video by IXIANAR

Locnville are one of the most exciting musical acts to come to come out of Cape Town recently. Twin brothers Andrew and Brian Chaplin (whose grandfather was a first cousin of the great Charlie Chaplin) are now known around the world for hit songs such as 6 Second Poison and Sun in my Pocket, which is featured on the FIFA 11 video game.

Locnville perform all around the world, but as they’re from Cape Town, the most authentic place to see them live is right here.

For updates about Locnville concerts you can follow them on Twitter or keep an eye on their website and their Facebook page.

Below are some Locnville videos.


The official 6 Second Poison video

Performing Sun in my Pocket at the Dome in Hannover, Germany

Performing 6 Second Poison in the MK TV studio

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