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May 02, 2009

Seaside at dusk – Cape Town Tourism Flickr pic of the day


This photo of the Mouille Point promenade just after sunset was taken by one of our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group members, Jan Kritzinger.

“This photo was taken at Mouille Point. I initially went there to photograph the Green Point lighthouse, but the well-lit promenade at sunset, and the people making use of it, turned out to be even more interesting than the planned subject,” says Jan.

Mouille Point, just north of Sea Point, is an upmarket suburb with a number of luxury apartment blocks and short-term accommodation for tourists. It also has a popular promenade which runs along the coastline. The Mouille Point lighthouse is the oldest active lighthouse in South Africa, having operated since 1824.

“For me, as someone completely unfamiliar with Cape Town, it was great fun just ‘missioning’ around with the GPS,” Jan continues. “Apart from the more traditional tourist attractions, the older suburbs and the city centre are a treasure chest for photographers, and I will have to return there a few more times to experience more of what Cape Town has to offer.”

Image © Jan Kritzinger 2009

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