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June 08, 2010

Score, share and have a laugh with Mr Pundit

iPundit allows fans to predict the score of each match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ from their iPhone

iPundit allows fans to predict the score of each match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ from their iPhone. Photo courtesy William Hook

iPundit, a new iPhone app, allows anyone, from scarf-waving “real” fans to fair-weather armchair supporters, to predict the final score of each 2010 FIFA World Cup™ match. It also lets you share your predictions with others in a social networking “mini league” of mates who have downloaded the free app. Pitch your punditry and banter about your prowess, both with your friends and up to 100 000 other users around the world.

At the heart of the app, developed for Thomson Sport, is the eponymous Mr Pundit. He’s a cheeky and controversial fan with opinions on everything, and loves a good (and sometimes not so good) joke.

Asked about the launch of the new app, Mr Pundit said: “My wife has said she’ll celebrate the World Cup by cutting her hair in the style of the winning nation. I’m cheering for the Brazilians.”

As the tournament progresses, iPundit users are awarded points for guessing correct match scores. Players get seven points for predicting the correct scoreline, five for guessing the right winning margin and four for predicting the winner.

For England fans, the chances of their team winning the tournament this year are the best in a generation. If they manage a 2-1 score against the USA on June 12, a 5-0 thriller against Algeria on June 18, and a nail-biting 1-1 draw against Slovenia on June 23, the lads might just do it.

With so much at stake this time around, all England supporters, from the football-obsessed to armchair fans, will be plotting the country’s path to the final in Johannesburg on July 11.

iPundit lets you follow the footballing dream. The app is part interactive wall-chart and match schedule and part match predictor and footie banter network. It is available from the Apple iTunes Store free of charge.

The distinctive artwork featured in iPundit is attributed to mysterious illustrator, Mr Bingo. Believed to live in Shoreditch, UK, he has illustrated articles in GQ and Esquire, as well as done work for big companies like European telecommunications giant, Orange.

Thomson Sport’s Lynsey Devon said: “I’ll admit I’m an armchair fan, but I have already downloaded iPundit. I’m a bit partial to fit men running around a field in a pair of tight shorts and I’ll be sharing my views with the girls.”

More information on www.ipundit.com

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