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December 12, 2012

Sandy Bay – the only place to hang out in Cape Town this summer

Photo courtesy Damien du Toit

Sandy Bay is the only naturist beach in Cape Town, and attracts people of all shapes and sizes (so be prepared). “Naturist” is, of course, another word for “nudist” that people use when they don’t wish to get into any trouble.

Some locals think of Sandy Bay as the unknown; a mischievous spot the purpose of which is to tempt you into gazing at naked flesh. While there may be some truth to this (cue the 14-year-old boys peeking behind the big rock), the people who enjoy the beach clearly have a different motivation: freedom.

Cape Town has a “live and let live” attitude that many feel cannot be restrained by oppressive underpants or constricting bikini tops. These people seek a space in which to express themselves fully, a space in which their entire bodies can absorb the sun’s glorious rays. These people want to be free. These people invented the phrase “hang loose”.

Although slightly more difficult to find than other popular Cape Town beaches, Sandy Bay is hardly a hidden secret. An approximate 20-minute walk from the car park is all that stands between you and its picturesque white beach and the turquoise ocean. The beach is somewhat protected from wind thanks to sand dunes and the mountainous terrain.

If you are interested in visiting a nudist resort, Vasant South Africa in Somerset West is an option to consider.

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