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February 08, 2013

Romantic Proposals at Cape Point, the Tip of Africa

Get her to say yes this Valentine's Day with a romantic proposal at Cape Point, the Tip of Africa. Photo courtesy of  féileacán

The thing about getting hitched, these days, is that - thanks to -a generation of over-zealous romantics and a deluge of big-budget tear-jerking romantic comedies - going down on one knee over a pint at your local pub just isn't going to cut it. Apparently a casual question around the Sunday morning breakfast table is also considered unacceptable these days.

The unfortunate reality is that, when it comes to popping the big question, the bar's been set pretty high. In these days of tolerance towards the hopeless romantic, a little effort will go a very long way to convince your future fiancé to look through the ring-fumbling hands and quivering voice, to answer in the affirmative.

Fortunately for you, friend, we've got your back, in the form of the ultimate proposal playground on the South Western most point in Africa - Cape Point. A handful of proposers have come and gone before you, with varying degrees of commitment and hard work. Realistically, the location is so spectacular that even the smallest efforts will be amplified, and ultimately, it's very easy to say yes when you're overlooking some of the most dramatic, spectacular scenery on offer anywhere in the Cape. So if this Valentine's Day's got you thinking about popping the question, read our suggestions below, check the weather forecast, fill up the tank, and take the spectacular drive out to Cape Point for the most memorable day of your lives.

Shining Light on Love:

Lead your beloved up to the Lighthouse for a proposal she'll never forget. Photo courtesy of gcraig3si

Starting with the more simple, yet no less breath-taking, of proposals, head up the hill to the iconic Cape Point lighthouse. A number of heart-warming proposals have taken place over the years in the shadow of the lighthouse, and for good reason - with the jagged cliffs and the vast, deep-blue Atlantic swirling far below, and usually one or two endearing onlookers, it would be pretty difficult to say no. And apart from anything, the 360 degree views and surreal scenery serves as the perfect backdrop for the "Guess who just got engaged?!" Instagram snap you'll be uploading to Facebook shortly after.

To save a bit of breath for the important bits, like actually asking that question, you can catch a ride to the top in the Flying Dutchman Funicular - pre-engagers have even organised to ride to the top in private, but you'll have to get there nice and early, and it'll pay to check with the funicular staff beforehand to see if this is possible.

Building Love Castles in the Sand:

Nothing screams romance quite like "Will You Marry Me?" written along the white sandy shore of Cape Point. Photo couresty of Cape Point Partnership/ Gregor Rohrig

The Cape Point reserve is vast and diverse, with idyllic secluded beaches stretching in most directions, and nothing will beat a quiet romantic stroll until you find the perfect spot to bend that knee on the soft white sand. There are also two perfectly situated picnic spots, so an overflowing picnic basket and blanket will be the ultimate way to reflect on the day's excitement. Get there early, and it's likely you'll have plenty of your own space to take in the surroundings.

The Sushi Proposal:

A well hidden diamond ring in a dessert, sushi or glass of bubbly at the Two Oceans Restaurant is sure to melt her heart and get her to say yes! Photo courtesy of Cape Point Partnership/ Gregor Rohrig

If self-catering isn't your style, then the Two Oceans Restaurant will take care of all your romantic requirements. Special requests, from secluded tables with the best views, to strategic ring placements and celebratory champagne, have all been done, and if you call ahead, management will work with you to make your moment as romantic and memorable as possible. If you're looking to have the responsibility sit with someone else, or if the weather's not playing ball with your grand plans, a special meal overlooking the waters from the comfort of the Two Oceans Restaurant is one of the best places to pop the question.

Go Big or go home:

The other end of the engagement spectrum involve massive "Marry Me" lettering drawn by colluding buddies on the beaches far below (write big, and be sure to include your partner's name, to avoid any awkward moments for other couples who happen to be visiting on the same day), and requests to organise low-impact treasure hunts throughout the reserve – with clues left with staff at fixed landmarks or patient well-placed friends – culminating in the one big treasure at the end - you, with ring in hand! Of course, Cape Point is a pristine nature reserve, and there are strict protocols in place to ensure that it remains this way, so it's important to check in with South African National Parks beforehand to ensure that your ideas don't infringe on this in any way.

Really, the romantic possibilities at Cape Point are endless, and when it comes down to it, even a spontaneous proposal at a secluded viewpoint will offer memories for years to come.

Ultimately, though, the true romantic in me likes to think that wherever and however you decide to propose, you'll have a lifetime of memories and special moments together. But if you're looking for that extra special touch, there are few locations in the world that can offer better romantic and memorable proposal opportunities than Cape Point, so put in a little effort, and you'll be richly rewarded.

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For more information about Cape Point, visit www.capepoint.co.za  or join their Facebook Fanpage.


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