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June 09, 2010

Review of MyCiTi Airport Shuttle between Cape Town International and CBD

my citi bus cape town

Photos by Richard Frank

bus ticket

One of the best kept secrets at the moment is the new MyCiTi Airport Shuttle. For a reasonable R50 you can catch a ride from outside the Cape Town International Airport terminal to the Civic Centre in town. The buses are new and clean and the attending staff are friendly and eager to please. 

I was surprised at how few people are taking advantage of the service, which is running 24 hours a day during the World Cup (with a bus every 15 minutes from 04h00 to 21h00 and every 30 minutes thereafter). The 09h30 ride I caught only had one other passenger on it.

A local taxi driver who parks at the Civic Centre Station confirmed to me that he sees very few passengers getting off the shuttle, which either means nobody knows about the service, or South Africans are still conservatively sticking to other transportation methods. Admittedly, the signage at the airport could be better, but I asked for assistance at the Cape Town Tourism desk.

At R50, the shuttle is at a better price point than a R200-R300 taxi ride. Given the dedicated bus lane on the highway into Cape Town, the ride was a pleasant 20 minutes (although I imagine it would take a bit longer in rush-hour traffic.)

All in all, the MyCiTi shuttle is a far better bet than a hefty taxi fare or car rental bill if you’re spending the day in Cape Town.

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