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September 17, 2009

Ready, steady, go! Add some adventure to a lazy winelands tour


Photo courtesy Bruce Tuck Photography

There are few better ways to spend a day than touring the beautiful Cape winelands. But, if you’re keen to add an adventurous twist to the experience, sign up for the Helderberg Wine Route Amazing Race.

Run along the lines of the popular TV show, the Helderberg Amazing Race is an adventure challenge not to be missed. Set in one of the picturesque valleys in the Stellenbosch winelands, the race is run in teams of four, with one car per team. A maximum of 20 people in five cars can participate in each race.

At each wine farm, teams have to complete challenges, such as spitting wine corks into a bucket, identifying wines, tossing horseshoes, pairing food and wine, and more. Luckily, only the tasks are timed, so race participants have plenty of time to indulge along the way, taking in the scenery between farms, chatting to winemakers and tasting (and buying) some top wines.


Photo courtesy Bruce Tuck Photography

Fiona McIntosh had a wonderful time on the Helderberg Amazing Race. In an article in Out There magazine, she details her experience:“We’d just enjoyed a tasting of some exquisite reds at the Wedderwill Estate in Somerset West when the winemaker looked at his watch. ‘OK, the tasting’s over. Now the real fun begins. Your challenge is to carry that inflatable raft down to the dam and paddle out and around a buoy. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the catch – you have to tow a wine barrel behind the boat as you go and, before I stop the clock, you need to finish this bowl of olives!’

“We didn’t win the race,” McIntosh goes on to say, “but it was a fabulous day out – a fun way to learn about some unusual wines and boutique wine farms and a great addition to an array of adventures on offer in the Cape winelands – all designed to work up a bit of a thirst or an appetite before you indulge.”

For more information about the Helderberg Amazing Race or to book your place, e-mail Cape Town Tourism on or call +27 21 840 1400.

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