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January 20, 2009

Penguins – Flickr pic of the day


This photograph of African penguins was taken on Boulders Beach by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group member Eric Palmer.

You can see the African penguin (Sphenisus demersus) colony for yourself at Boulders Beach. These flightless birds roam around the area freely so you can get close to them, but please try not to disturb them. Because it’s part of the Table Mountain National Park, there is an entrance fee for conservation of the penguins that live here.

Eric lives in the Jonkershoek Valley, roughly an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

“For my photography I couldn’t be in a better place. Living on a small nature reserve gives me endless macro-photo opportunities on plants and any interesting insect I can find. It is also close enough to Cape Town for me to go and capture the unique architecture of the area and the city life,” says Eric.

“I find Cape Town’s biggest asset is its diversity. Playing tourist in your own country can be fun and often quite educational. Any form of photography can be explored, whether you are a nature lover, interested in people, models, sports, landscapes, journalism ... Cape Town has more than enough to offer for each and more,” he continues.

Do you have images of Cape Town you’d like to share with us? We’d love you to join the Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group!

Image © Eric Palmer 2009

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