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October 05, 2010

Penguin adopted by Cape Town Tourism is named

african penguin

This penguin, which was adopted by Cape Town Tourism, has been named Jinga. Photo by Skye Grove

The penguin adopted by Cape Town Tourism last week has been named Jinga, based on a suggestion made by Megan Durant. 

Cape Town Tourism invited suggestions via our Facebook fan page and received more than 500 comments. It was decided, however, that Jinga, which is an African word meaning “determination”, was the most apt suggestion.

Cape Town Tourism adopted a second penguin yesterday, which Megan also had the honour of naming. She chose the name Okra, an Akan word which means “soul”.

Megan works for AVIVA, an organisation that recruits and assists local and international volunteers for various projects in South Africa, and one of the projects she works on happens to be with SANCCOB, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. Read more about SANCCOB on our blog.

Megan was a volunteer at the Simon’s Town Penguin Festival on October 2 and 3, and is to be congratulated both on her excellent name suggestions and on the important work she does within the local community.

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