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August 23, 2013

Open Design inspires Cape Town in 2013

Open Design, Cape Town; 21-31 August 2012

The thinking behind Open Design is to create a platform where designers and design-thinkers can celebrate, be celebrated, share and encourage each other's vision and creativity. Design, in it's various disciplines, is a significant and relevant practice that can change communities and lives - a concept which is evident across the incredible work displayed at the festival. 

Wandering through the various exhibition rooms at Cape Town's City Hall, you can't help but be inspired and excited by the beautiful, innovative and revolutionary designs that are on display. From the emotive Mandela Poster Project, displaying 95 crowd-sourced posters from all around the world, to the various educational initiatives, Open Design showcases some of the best work from around Cape Town.

One of the posters included in the Mandela Poster Project exhibition

Another one of the posters included in the Mandela Poster Project exhibition


Mandela Poster Project exhibition


There is also a One Stop Design Shop exhibit, where potential future design students can find information and resources from all the major design schools in Cape Town.

There are various seminars, events and exhibits happening until the end of the month, check out the website for more details: www.opendesignct.com

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