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July 27, 2009

Olive Green Cat ‒ an ode to creative Cape Town


I am often stopped mid-sentence, mid-meeting, mid-shopping, mid-flight and mid-just-about-anything by someone wanting to know where I got my unique wedding ring from. To say that it has become a bit of a talking point is putting it mildly.

I am always only too happy to rave about my favourite Cape Town creatives – Olive Green Cat. Weird name, I know, but it says something about this brilliant design trio: unique, tongue-in-cheek, contemporary, individualist and, above all, passionately Capetonian.

Olive Green Cat is the studio showroom of jewellery designers Ida-elsje, Philippa Green and architect and diamantaire Gregory Katz.

Sandwiched between the Bo-Kaap and Cape Town CBD, Olive Green Cat at 51 Wale Street showcases the trio’s talent and its collaborative diamond and resin range, Situ.

Philippa is most famous for her perspex cuffs, which she embellishes with silver strips, stones, beads, buttons and rubber.


She has trained a group of women to hand-sew poetry and protea designs onto the cuffs. Ida-elsje specialises in custom-designed engagement rings and beautiful gold and silver earrings.

Philippa and Ida-elsje both spend their time sourcing unusual pieces from antique markets to set into their jewellery and remodel into bold pieces for fashion shows.

I boast one of Olive Green Cat’s Situ wedding rings – a completely innovative way of setting diamonds, where diamonds are suspended inside coloured and clear resin!

The Olive Green Cat showroom and workshop is a crazy, friendly place where visitors are greeted by tail-wagging golden retrievers and beautiful designs are scattered all over the place.

Visitors can see how each piece is made or choose from a selection of contemporary, handmade South African jewellery. 


Olive Green Cat is an exciting space, often visited by actors, directors, architects and other creative people.

If you pop in over the next week of two, you will be able to pick up some fabulous designs on sale – pity for you; I have already been there this week and splashed out on some new treasures to show off just why Cape Town is one of the most creative spaces in the world! Must keep the people talking about my jewellery…

Visit Olive Green Cat at: 51 Wale Street in the Cape Town CBD or have an online preview at www.olivegreencat.com or www.situ.co.za.

You can also call Philippa on +27 (0)82 466 8571 or Ida-elsje on +27 (0)82 414 1150.

Happy shopping!

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