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July 25, 2013

Olga Jewellers, one of Cape Town’s top Jewel spots

Image courtesy of www.raykilian.co.za

Let’s face it, a Capetonian can easily be spotted between a crowd of people, no matter where you place them. It’s that subtle, laid-back and nonchalant trendiness that has made the Capetonian so easily identifiable. That’s because we don’t make a big fuss of big trends, we don’t follow runway fashion like it’s gospel.. what sets us apart is our natural ingrown style that comes from being a child of the Mother City.

And as a fashion-forward Capetonian, we all love bright and shiny things, even more so if they come with an 18 carat gold imprint and dotted with blue and white crystals. That’s why we love Olga Jewellers so much – a boutique jewellery design studio in Cape Town, with branches throughout South Africa. As specialists in the industry since 1977, Olga Jewellers is renowned for their exquisite diamond and tanzanite pieces that catch the eyes of many onlookers peeping through their studio windows.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring for your loved one, a wedding band for your blushing bride, a diamond necklace or bracelet for your mom, or a dress ring for yourself, there’s always the question of “am I getting an item of mass production?” on the table. You want to be the only one at a cocktail party with those diamond ear-rings, and the only one at your sister-in-law’s dinner with that tanzanite ring. And Olga Jewellers really puts the meaning of the word into unique, even though it’s been over-used in the industry.

At Olga, you have the benefit of a design studio and workshop directly on the store premises, paired with a team of master goldsmiths and diamond cutters. What this means is that your diamond and tanzanite piece is custom made to your exact specifications, thus making you the star of the show at any party. The on-site design studio also gives customers the ability to witness and experience their pieces being made from the point of design to the final touches of production. Where else in the world can you honestly say that you’ve witnessed a raw diamond being transformed from its natural state into a precious gem?

Olga and her team live by the mantra “design is our passion” which is quite inspiring as professionals who are passionate about what they do always tend to deliver nothing short of a masterpiece. With stores luxuriously appointed in select shopping centres throughout the country, the design studio has made a name for itself for hosting the largest array of diamond collections in the country.

It’s easy why Olga Jewellers makes our list of favourite brands in Cape Town; the personal touch that comes with each purchase (a photograph and valuation certificate) makes it all the more worthwhile. The flagship store situated at the V&A Waterfront is where Olga spends her days, so next time you’re tossing your something borrowed for something new and shiny or something blue, be sure to visit this store and be inspired by the woman who started it all.

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