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July 27, 2009

Now and then

Cape Town is constantly evolving – particularly in the lead-up to 2010 as new infrastructure is being built at a rapid pace.

If you look at old images of Cape Town, you’ll see just how much the Mother City has changed over the past few decades.


Photo courtesy Etienne du Plessis (see more old photos of Cape Town under his Flickr profile).

Look at the old Table Mountain Cableway, for example – it has become a lot more high-tech with a rotating floor and huge windows, ensuring that all passengers get a 360-degree aerial view as they head up the mountain.

We will be running a “now and then” feature over the next couple of weeks, showing old photographs of Cape Town (taken circa 1950-1970) followed by recent pictures of the same areas, and we would love you to participate.

Do you have recent pictures of:

Please send them to media@flowsa.com. Photographers will be credited for any images used on the Cape Town Tourism blog.

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