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February 23, 2011

New food market on St George’s Mall is a breath of fresh air

Food market

Photo courtesy andrewjfallon

Upper St George’s Mall in the city centre is the home of a new open-air fresh food market: The Earth Fair Food Market opened last Thursday, February 17, offering city slickers with country longings a decadent weekly feast of organic food.

Every Thursday, marketgoers will be treated to the finest farm-fresh offerings of smoked fish, speciality sausages, homemade pies, farm cheeses, fruit and vegetables, biltong, pâtés, organic nuts and grains, breads and more. For busy worker bees in the city, Thursday lunchtime or after-work festivities will now have the added allure of sushi, pasta or kebabs.

This delicious bazaar places Cape Town in the company of some of the world’s most iconic cities, who each have very successful fresh food markets, such as Borough Market in London, the Dublin Food Co-op Organic Food Market and the Marché de Pont de l’Alma in Paris. It is also reminiscent of the city’s history, when stalls in the Company’s Garden and Greenmarket Square sold fresh fruit and vegetables to traders stopping at the Cape before sailing on to their destination.

Those who’ve been to the hugely popular Saturday Earth Fair Food Market in Tokai will be familiar with the concept of a country market, where visitors can shop for fresh goods from local producers and build relationships with them. Now you can get the same goodness of earth in the centre of the city.

The Earth Fair Food Market will be open each Thursday from 12h30 until 18h30. For more info, visit www.earthfairmarket.co.za.

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