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October 12, 2011

New Bloem Street taxi rank frees up traffic in City Centre

Night-time traffic jams in Long Street are to become a thing of the past. Image © Cape Town Tourism

Traffic congestion and unsafe, unlicensed cabs in the City Centre will soon be things of the past with the demarcation of the new Bloem Street taxi rank.

An initiative of The City of Cape Town, the Central City Improvement District, representatives of businesses in Long Street and members of the Taxi Council, the taxi rank is situated between Long and Loop streets.

The aim of this innovative project, which can accommodate up to 25 taxis, is to alleviate traffic obstructions caused by sedan taxis – including double-parking, parking on yellow lines and the blocking of loading zones in the CBD, particularly in Long Street.

We’ve all suffered through horrendous traffic jams in this much-loved street while trying to get to after-work cocktails or trying to hail a cab after a long night of partying. With the new taxi rank, this should no longer be a problem.

In addition to helping ensure that you have a safe journey home, the demarcation of the rank assists with job creation and good business practice in the surrounding areas.

Says taxi owner and operator Clive Adams, one of 41 taxi drivers who make use of the rank: “We have hired three regulators who will work shifts around the clock to ensure that only accredited taxis use the rank. Users will contribute R5 a day to pay the regulators and any excess funds will be directed to rank upgrades, including the installation of a telephone near the rank and radios in the cars.”

Visible directional signage to the rank has been erected at the intersections of Long, Dorp, Leeuwen, Pepper, Bloem, and Buiten streets. Pending the success of the Bloem Street rank, additional sedan taxi ranks may be demarcated in other areas of the city.

For more information about the Bloem Street taxi rank, please visit www.capetown.gov.za.

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