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April 25, 2012

National Geographic in Cape Town: An interview with Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans of National Geographic gets a warm welcome to Kalk Bay.

Andrew Evans, also known as the Digital Nomad, who has been in Cape Town filming a documentary for National Geographic, says he has a dream to return to Cape Town for six months. He describes the city as "the great central station of all the continents", and has wanted to visit for a long time.

Andrew, who tweets about his travels via the handle @WheresAndrew, says Cape Town's strongest selling points are its weather and people. "It's a very vibrant city," he says. "You could walk around all day in New York and not speak to anyone - that won't happen in Cape Town."

Andrew is very taken by the "localised diversity" of Cape Town. He says it amazes him to walk the streets and hear so many different Capetonian accents. He's interacted with hundreds of people during the past week and has been impressed by the number of people who have interacted with him on social networks. He smiles widely when talking about some of the characters he has met while travelling around the city, such as a lady at a fish and chips shop in Kalk Bay who had the Spanish members of the National Geographic crew in stitches with her impression of their accents. The same woman is pictured above greeting Andrew with a big kiss.

In the video below, filmed by Skye Grove, Andrew talks about his trip.

When asked which cities he thinks share similarities with Cape Town, Andrew mentions San Francisco, Cote D'Azur (French Riviera), Marseille and Perth, Australia. He believes Cape Town offers very good value for money in terms of accommodation and restaurants. "Europe is so expensive right now... Cape Town is a backpacker's dream," he says.

Andrew finds it amazing that he has found himself surrounded by wildlife so close to the city centre. He recalls standing on the beach at Cape Point Nature Reserve one night and staring up at the stars, finding it hard to believe that a city the size of Cape Town was less than an hour's drive away. Below is a photo of him relaxing with a penguin on Boulders Beach.

Follow Andrew on Twitter to read commentary of his time in Cape Town. You can also connect with Cape Town Tourism on various social networks: 

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