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October 18, 2013

Natalie Roos’ Top 5: Places to make the most of summer in Cape Town

There is no denying that summer in Cape Town is pure magic. Long, long days, salty skin, tanned bodies and beachy hair...these are the things that a Cape Town summer is made of. Of course, not every day can be spent on the beach, so it's important to make the most of the extra hours summer brings with daily activities after work. I try to make a concerted effort to spend as many hours as possible outdoors during summer and these are a few spots where I'll be doing that.

Beta Beach in Bakoven. All images by Natalie Roos via Instagram

Beta Beach

Beta Beach, Bakoven

I am hesitant to tell you about my favourite beach lest it become another Clifton, but I feel like I can trust you all to be responsible with this information. Beta Beach is a tiny beach in Bakoven, where the bay is calm and sheltered from the wind. It's quiet and you have the most spectacular view of Lion's Head. It's not one of the "see and be seen" beaches and has a much more laid-back vibe.

Signal Hill 

Pink skies from Signal Hill

Last summer I went up to Signal Hill a couple of times after work and I got to experience some absolutely incredible sunsets. When there's no wind, you'll find loads of people chilling on the grass, admiring the view and just basking in the summer vibe. It's a great place to spend an hour or two relaxing after a day in the office.

Company's Garden

Lunch time walks in the Company's Garden are an amazing way to split your day 

There is nothing as satisfying as getting out of the office and making the most of you lunch hour. There have been various studies proving that employees who regularly take lunch outside of the office are more productive than those who eat at their desks. A lunch time walk through the Company's Garden will give your brain a welcome break and make your lunch hour feel like at least a lunch two hour. Relax on the lawns and feed the squirrels or find a shady bench and read a magazine. There is no grater waste than the waste of a perfect summers day.

Seapoint Promenade

The lighthouse at Seapoint Promenade, sunset

The promenade is a stunning place to get some fresh air year-round, but in summer the late sunsets and warm summer air makes it all the more beautiful. There's nothing quite like the fresh sea air to refresh you after spending the day in meetings or staring at your computer screen. 

Lion's Head

Lion's Head

Depending on your fitness level, you could easily get up and down the Lion in less than 90 minutes and in summer there is more than enough time to make the most of this famous landmark's track. The views from the top are spectacular and never get old, no matter how many times you go to the top. 

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